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Wool Safe Carpet Cleaner | How use a Carpet Cleaner on Wool Rug?

People choose a carpet that is statistically speaking you will choose a carpet which is made from synthetic fiber, and that fiber is probably nylon. But if you prefer to choose natural fiber, for various reasons like aesthetic, environmental and in case of health reasons then you definitely going to choose Wool Carpet Cleaner.

Wool Carpet Cleaner

Wool is very warm, more durable, and soft and sounds isolating. However, it is difficult to clean the wool safely this is reason people end up returning to the synthetic fibers like olefin just by compromising. But if you have knowledge of what you are doing then here is how to clean wool safely on your own with carpet cleaner and vacuum. The below article describes how to clean a wool rug with carpet cleaner, wool safe carpet cleaner and usage of carpet cleaner on a wool rug.

Wool Carpet Cleaner image
Wool Carpet Cleaner image

Can I clean a Wool Rug with a Carpet Cleaner?

Can you safely wet, clean wool carpeting without any shrinking, damage, or discoloring fibers?

Most of the people are fearful to wet or cleaning the wool because it’s easily shrinking and get damage. Wool is essentially a sheep hair or fur and can be easily cleaned with water when it is present as the hair on sheep. But when it comes to wool carpeting the key is used carpet cleaner on wool rug safely. In the same way, you can clean or wet wool rugs or carpets without shrinking them by making sure that you only use cool or warm water for cleaning instead of hot water. Also, make sure that you use a very little cleaning solution agent as high absorbency property of wool may lead to quick saturation which in turn cause some other range of problems like mildew and mold growth.

So finally use carpet cleaner on a wool rug or you can clean wool or wet wool without shrinking and also you clean without turning fibers to some other colors or brown. Discoloration of carpet generally comes from saturating the carpet down, this usually happens in almost all the carpets. So the better idea is to select a small portion of the carpet for testing purpose to make sure that you are not using much solution or water and the solution itself is not damaging the fibers of the carpet. Make sure that wool safe carpet cleaner by focusing well and cleaning each part without any damage.

How to clean a Wool Rug with Carpet Cleaner?

How to clean a Wool Rug with Carpet Cleaner image
How to clean a Wool Rug with Carpet Cleaner image

In order to clean wool carpets and rugs with the help of carpet cleaners or vacuum without any damaging the fibers, you always need to start first by vacuuming the carpet or fiber to remove the surface level dirt, it is recommended to use the quality vacuum that lets you adjust the power and height to match the particular needs of your wool rug or carpet.

Next, open all the doors and windows in order to provide the ventilation as much as possible, keep them open till the cleaning or drying the carpet is over. If you any fans then turn them on to maximum power and run throughout the complete cleaning process.

Next, it is the time to test the cleaning solution. Find some part on the carpet or rug and test that part with cleaning solution agent. This will help you to make sure that whatever solution you are about to use is not damaging the wool carpet or change or fade its color forever.

How to Use a Carpet Cleaner on Wool Rug?

Once you have done with vacuuming and confirming the solution is safe to use now start using the carpet cleaner. Move it slowly on the carpet, check the work and be very sure that you are not saturating or over-wetting the carpet. You only need to cover each and every section while applying carpet solution agent. Never use hot water instead use only cool or lukewarm water. Cleaning a wool rug with a carpet cleaner removes marker stains on the wool carpet or rug.

After cleaning the carpet now focus on drying the wool rug or carpet as fast as possible. Keep in mind that you can use carpet cleaner in a vacuum mode only to help in extracting the liquid as much as possible; it is better if the carpet dries very soon.

Wool safe carpet cleaner

The fact is that using any carpet cleaner or vacuum to clean the wool without any damage knows the proper way of using the tools in the correct manner. Using a carpet cleaner on the wool rug is the best way to remove markers from the wool rug. Apply some cleaner to the rug, and spot the stain. Then use a carpet cleaner on the wool rug to slowly remove the stain by using the warm water.

Can I clean a wool rug with a carpet cleaner? Unfortunately, the carpet cleaning products may contain alkaline product that is ammonia. Using ammonia or any other alkaline carpet cleaner on wool may cause damage to it. But if there are some stains which we cannot remove it on wool then only in that case use carpet cleaners on the wool rug in a very proper way without causing any shrinking or damage to the wool rug. Know more information about best carpet cleaner machine by visiting our portal regularly.

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