Things You Can Clean With Your Carpet Cleaner image

What are the things you can clean with your Carpet Cleaner?

Many of the people assume that with the help of carpet cleaner you can only clean carpets. This is not true; there are many other things you can clean with carpet cleaners. To know what are those, check the list of Things you can Clean with your Carpet Cleaner from below sections.

Things You Can Clean With Your Carpet Cleaner

Below is the list of items that you can be clean with carpet cleaners. Check what are those Things You Can Clean With Your Carpet Cleaner and how to clean with the help of this guide.

Things You Can Clean With Your Carpet Cleaner image
Things You Can Clean With Your Carpet Cleaner image

What can we clean with Carpet Cleaner?


Mattresses image

If any bedtime urine stains are present then it is simple to clean with the help of carpet cleaner. A carpet cleaning device is also good for removing dust mites, mold and dead skin cells of human on mattresses. It is easy if the carpet cleaner has hand attachment for cleaning thoroughly. The mattress may result in mold spores if it is over saturated. Be very sure that you clean and dry one end of the mattress before start cleaning the other end of the mattress.



Curtains image

With the help of a portable carpet cleaner, you can also clean the curtains. You can also be able to clean them with the machine that is equipped with a hand tool that can reach high spots.



Furniture image

Furniture upholstery can be cleaned using the carpet cleaner. Stains due to snacking are very easy to remove. Based on the type of furniture material use the correct cleaning solution. Allow them to dry properly so that mildew growth or mold spores cannot occur.


Car upholstery

Car upholstery image

Car stains are removed or cleaned on the floor and from seats with the carpet cleaning machine. This can be possible with the portable machine or one which has a long cord that reaches into the garage. It’s hard to clean the places under the seats and in between the seat cushions but with help of hand attachments we can reach such places and clean them very easily.



Comforters image

You can clean the comforters and other large bidding types with the help of carpet cleaners. To remove stains use hand tool attachments. Steam helps to penetrate and remove stains. This type of method is generally more convenient and comfort rather than getting a large comforter dry cleaner.


Hard Floors

Hard Floors image

There are some types of carpet cleaners which can clean various types of floors.  They are designed depending on the type of stain and material cleaned. The user has an option convenient to change the settings. You can able to change the setting from light cleaning to powerful mode of scrubbing.

There are some other things you can clean with carpet cleaner are furniture, auto upholstery, and rugs. Some cleaners can even clean hardware floors and ceramic tiles also. With portable machines and handle attachments, a carpet cleaner can easily clean different types of surfaces.

Carpet cleaning secrets

Despite your effort at cleanliness, the carpet will finally become the victim of spills, drops, accidents and some dirt present at the bottom of the shoe. Below are some of the carpet cleaning secrets to look carpet clean and fresh.

1. Blot stains, do not rub them

Blot stains image

Wipe the stains with a cleaning solution and a sponge, cleaning cloth or paper towels. The key for removing stains is blotting. Blotting keeps a small amount of pressure on the stain in order to soak it. Rubbing will cause the particles to go inside the carpet fibers which may lead to premature breakdown of that fibers. Always try to blot the stain from outside of stain to inward, as blotting outward may spread the stain.


2. Club soda process

Club soda image

Wipe the area with soda on a cloth. If that process does not work then mix one part of white vinegar with one part of water and pour it on the stain with a hand-held sprayer. Spray this solution on the complete stain area and let it settle down for 10 2 15 minutes to soak into. Then press the clean sponge on the area to soak up the solution and stain. Repeat this process until the complete stain is removed. Once the stain is removed rinse the spot with some warm water. At last, lay down the white paper towels over the area and put some heavy weight on that. These towels will absorb the humidity from the carpet. Leave these towels for almost one day until the carpet becomes dry.


3. Try shaving cream

shaving cream image

To clean the general stains the best carpet cleaner is ordinary shaving cream. It will remove every type of stain. Apply the shaving cream on the stain directly and leave it for 30 minutes, then after the shaving cream is set now wipe it with the help of the dry white cloth. Finally, finish it by spraying the area with one part of vinegar mixed with one part of water and then blotting away the solution with some cloth.


4. Freeze dried gum

Freeze dried gum image

If there is some sticky chewing gum mess is present on your carpet, to take it out just grab a couple of ice cubes, and freeze this ice cubes on the gum for about 30 seconds. Once the gum gets too frozen solid then lift it up with a spoon and then cut the strands of carpet as close as possible to the gum.


5. Grease verses dishwasher detergent

The best way to clean the grease stains is to use a drop of grease-cutting dishwashing detergent. It will cut the grease in the carpet just like it does on dishes.

6. Heat wax

Heat wax image

Burning candles sometimes unknowingly drip the wax on the carpet, where it dries quickly and gets embedded. It can be removed just by heating it that is place some white cloth over the wax and then put the iron on this white cloth where the wax is present in order to warm up the wax. Finally, remove the wax with a knife. Do not use the iron for more than 30 seconds in this way else you may fall in risk burning the carpet. Be sure to use only white papers and white towels because the colored once may transfer their color to the carpet when heated up.


7. Hydrogen peroxide to rescue

Hydrogen peroxide image

Few stains on carpet are like blood. Hydrogen peroxide will remove this type of stain. Initially loosen up the dried blood with water that is mixed with little detergent. Then now scrape off as much as blood you can from the fibers. To get the remaining, apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Then now dab the hydrogen peroxide with the towels to dry the carpet.


8. Candy crushed

Candy crushed image

If there is some candy stick with the carpet, then remove it with the help of a butter knife or spotter brush. Then now using sponge apply water mixed with mild soap.  It is very important to get all the sugar out from the carpet. If you leave it then there may be chances of attracting the debris and dirt in that area. Once the candy is scraped out then dry the spot with towel or cloth.


Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning the carpet is important for keeping it look fresh and clean. Steam cleaning uses a cleaning solution under pressure which is injected deep into the carpet using water jet nozzles. Then this machine extracts the solution along with debris and the dirt from the carpet. The water will penetrate deep into the fiber all the way down to loosen the embedded soil, remove grease and oil deposits, and then the carpet will fresh and clean than ever it is before. The deep clean carpet cleaner is recommended every six months.

Carpet Cleaners with Upholstery Attachment

Upholstery is the padding and fabric that covers the furniture like armchairs, sofas, stools, ottomans, and many more that are covered with upholstery fabric. Generally, upholstery cleaning is a process of cleaning a fabric which upholsters the furniture. Upholstery cleaning needs special equipment for cleaning and it is often made up of delicate natural fabric such as cotton. Carpet cleaners with upholstery attachment give you more convenient and efficient cleaning because with the help of upholstery cleaning we can dirt, dust, grime and even remove allergens and improve the indoor air quality also. The carpet cleaners with upholstery attachment will help you to clean the sofas, chairs, stools and many such.

Car Wash with Carpet Cleaner

Car Wash with Carpet Cleaner image

If you are having stains on your car seats then there are many ways to clean that stains. You can just use some specific stain remover to remove stains or else use the carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment to maintain the seats clean and fresh regularly. If there are any stubborn stains present then it requires some adequate cleaning solution and a little bit of grease to remove the stains. Carpet cleaners often come with upholstery tools which can clean car seats with some hot water extraction. To clean the carpets in car start taking out the all the mats from the car and then vacuum the floor of the vehicle. Then use some detergent or carpet cleaning shampoo to clean the carpet with a soft bristled brush. Keep the seats and carpets in the car clean and fresh by regularly cleaning it with carpet cleaner upholstery attached to it. Keep visiting this best carpet cleaner machine website for latest info.

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