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Steamfast Canister Steam Cleaner SF-275

A clean house is very important for enhancing and improving the lifestyle and health of the householders and their nearby surroundings. One such machine that helps in keeping the home clean is Steamfast SF-275 heavy-duty steam cleaner. This Steamfast SF-275 carpet cleaner will help you in removing any stains and dirt very easily and quickly. You will be able to manage with tough, hard stains and odours without much effort and problem and at the same time, you can keep the home clean and healthy. Now lets get into the Steamfast Sf-275 Carpet Cleaner Review, with complete featues and Specs. 

Steamfast SF-275 Carpet Cleaner Review 2020

Steamfast canister steam cleaner is equipped with a powerful heating system of 1500-watt and this machine heats-up the water within minutes, and you can clean the entire house without the usage of any chemicals. With the help of natural and pure penetrating steam, the machine removes dirt, stubborn stains, and grime from tubs and sinks. It decreases smoke and odours from upholstery and drapes; sanitizes floors; decreases allergens like pet dander and dust mites; and saves money, as it does not, requires protecting rubber gloves or harsh solutions. The machine works with normal tap water, and it has a large water tank with a capacity of 50-ounce that provides continuous steam for 1 hour.

Steamfast Sf275 Features

This Steamfast handheld carpet cleaner for spots has a canister design and big wheels to move easily around the home space. Its design makes it a great choice for cleaning large areas and quick clean-ups. Naturally sanitizes and deep cleans without using any harmful chemicals. So it also serves as a good option for the people suffering from allergies. To release the steam instantly, press down switch on the trigger.

It is included with the flexible 6.5 ft hose length so that you find it easy in moving the steamer to difficult-to-reach areas. It also has a steam-ready light, an on/off lighted switch, large rear wheels and frontage casters for smooth movement from one room to another, a switch for controlling steam, and a power cord of 12-feet. Operating this machine is quite easy and simple with all these equipped features. This Best Carpet Steam Cleaner weighs only 13 pounds that is lightweight and easy to carry and lift while using, cleaning the windows, and other tough areas.

With the power of a full 1500-watts and water reservoir with capacity 0f 50 oz. Steamfast handheld carpet cleaner for spots takes below 8 minutes to produce full steam, and the steam lasts for the long duration of 45 minutes. Like many other steam cleaners, this machine also heats water to form steam to efficiently and naturally sanitize and clean a wide range of surfaces around the home without using any harmful chemicals. You can use this Steamfast Hand Held Carpet Cleaner For Spots to take out the stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from tubs and sinks.It Decrease allergens like pet dander and dust mites. Performance and durability are the hallmarks of this SF-275 steam cleaner.

As Steamfast SF-275 Carpet Cleaner Review, this provides a large water reservoir with a capacity of 50-ounce that takes below 8 minutes to get heated-up and produce steam, and this steam will last for about 45 minutes. This big water tank saves time as it is not necessary to refill the reservoir frequently until a big cleaning task is completed.

This best commercial carpet cleaner as it is provided with several accessories to access glass, bathroom tile, hard floors, and more. These tools are connected easily to the machine for a wonderful cleaning.

  • Extension Wands: Connect these for mopping surfaces and help in cleaning difficult-to-reach areas.
    Mop Head: Connect these to the wands for speedy cleaning of hard floors such as tile, linoleum, sealed hardwoods, and more
  • Microfiber Pads: Connect these pads for removing stains and scuffs from concrete, sealed laminate, ceramic, tile, sealed hardwoods, marble, linoleum, vinyl, and tile; these pads are rinse-able and reusable. 
  • Squeegee: Useful in cleaning windows, mirrors, or other glass items and surfaces. 
  • Triangle Brush: Having tough corners or angles to clean? Then connect this tool to work quickly on them.
  • Nylon Brush: It helps to take out ground-in dirt and tough stains.
  • Brass Brush: Connect this tool for removing grime and grease that stuck-on grills and ovens.
    Cover Cloth- for sanitizing and cleaning floors 16 oz measuring cup
  • Short Nylon Brush: for general purpose cleaning
    Bonus package includes 1- scrub pad, 4-utility brushes, and 1-brass grill tool. 
  • Special Features: Some additional features that are the reason for the steam carpet cleaner for sale to increase.
  • Steam Lockable Switch: Shoves trigger down for non-stop steam cleaning.
  • Fingertip Trigger: Release out mist when pressed for incisive clean. 
  • Carrying Handle: By connecting this on to the top, you can carry this machine easily.
  • Storage Compartment: You can place the boiler cap and all tiny accessories.

SteamFast 1500W Carpet cleaner Specs

Specification Name Value
Manufacturer name
Product name
Steam cleaner
Part number
Boiler temperature
220-degree Fahrenheit
Product dimensions
12.99* 17.32* 11.1 inches
Reservoir capacity
Standby pressure
30-40 PSI
Operating pressure
10-22 PSI
Product weight ( without water)
10.06 lbs
Power & wattage consumption
1500 watts
Power cord length
15.4 ft.
Boiler material
Stainless steel
Operating time
45 minutes
Heat-up time
Less than 8 minutes
Continuous refill
Pressure gauge
Regulating steam control
Fingertip trigger
120 volts
12.5 amps
Number of accessories
1 year
Release date
September 21, 2003
Steam hose length
6.5 ft.





Is Steamfast SF-275 Carpet Cleaner really effective?

Steamfast SF-275 Carpet Cleaner uses natural steam to remove stubborn stains & sanitizes floors. It also terminates allergens and saves money on cleaning supplies. Harsh cleaners or protective rubber gloves are no more required making it really effective.

What is the difference between Steamfast SF-275 and SF-370 Carpet Cleaner?

The only difference is Steamfast SF-275 Carpet Cleaner has a PWR of 149 W/lb and SF-370 has a PWR of 178 W/lb.

Is the Steamfast SF-275 Carpet Cleaner a dry vapor steam cleaner?

 Steamfast SF-275 Carpet Cleaner is just an ordinary steam cleaner and isn’t dry. It drops water to start the cleaning process.

Is this Steamfast Sf-275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner so louder?

It does not make a louder noise, just there is a sound of whistling when the steam comes out, but it is not considerable.

Does the temperature of this Steamfast Sf-275 djustable?

The temperature of Steamfast SF-275 Carpet Cleaner is not adjustable.

Does SF-275 steam cleaner need distilled water for the cleaning process?

No, general cleaning and sanitizing it is not necessary to use distilled, just use the normal tap water.


Steamfast SF-275 heavy-duty steam cleaner can be used to remove the deep stains on different surfaces and flooring. It produces enough volume and quantity of steam for sanitizing and cleaning the home. This innovative and small carpet cleaner product is included with many different attachments along with a nylon brush, triangle brush, cloth cover, and a scrub pad. The included tank can easily work the normal tap water. Being very lightweight, you can lift and carry it easily from one place to another place. Overall, it is reasonable and recommended, and this Best Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet produces hot steam that lasts for 45 minutes and could manage most cleaning tasks.

Steam SF-275 canister heavy-duty steam cleaner- naturally deep cleans the dirt and stains without any harmful chemicals- portable- lightweight- easy to assemble- several accessories- cleans multiple surfaces- large capacity water tank- takes below 8 minutes to heat water and produce steam- 45 minutes continuous steam- 15 ft. power cord- simple and stress-free sanitation- 1-year warranty.

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