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Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Or Rug Doctor Spot Carpet Cleaner – Which Is Best?

Since buying a carpet cleaner is a huge investment, you must make sure that you buy one which is best suitable for you. Depending upon your carpeted area, carpet quality, frequency of cleaning, there are numerous carpet cleaners available in the market. Today, we will be comparing Rug doctor and BISSELL portable carpet cleaner. Despite some similarities between the two, we hope that the following Rug Doctor Vs Bissell Portable pro pet carpet cleaner will help you to know about their differences and will help you choose better.

Rug Doctor Vs Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaners Comparison

Rug doctor portable spot cleaner imageBissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Corded Renewed Carpet Cleaner image
Rug Doctor 933007 Pet Portable Spot CleanerBissell 3624 Spot Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner
Dimensions16.14 x 11.02 x 15.75 inches10 x 14 x 14 inches
Weight19.8 Pounds13.2 Pounds
Tank Capacity1.9 Litres (64 Oz)2.9 Litres (96 Oz)
Cord Length15 ft20 ft
Heat Wave TechnologyNoNo
Tools Included22
Formulas includedNoYes
Hands Free cleaningNoNo
Power Rating750 Watts 1000 Watts
Cleaning path4.5 Inch6 Inch
Warranty3 years2 Years
Check PriceCheck Price

Rug Doctor and Bissell Portable Spot Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner – Main Differences


Both Rug Doctor and Bissell pro carpet cleaners are designed for spot cleaning and hence are very portable and small. Because of their design and size, you can easily carry them anywhere and use, if you have a power supply. Both the carpet cleaners are corded so you need a power source and you can easily clean the area you want. BISSELL portable carpet cleaner is a little lighter than Rug doctor and has a longer cord making it easier for you to clean properly. Since they are made for spot cleaning, you cannot clean your whole carpet with these.


RUG doctor and BISSELL portable both excel in their performance. The Rug Doctor Pro deep portable spot cleaner can be used to clean various spots like on carpets, upholstery, auto interiors, etc. BISSELL Spot Clean pro cleaners are also very well known for their performance. You can clean stairs, upholstery, furnishings, auto interiors, and many more spots using BISSELL portable cleaner. When it comes to pet hair, Rug doctor is a very good option for you as it cleans pet hair without leaving a mark behind. So, if you have furry friends living with you and you are tired of their hair everywhere, rug doctor’s carpet cleaner is the best solution for you.

Tank Capacity

Tank capacity plays an important role while selecting carpet cleaners as more the capacity the larger area you can clean. If the tank capacity of your carpet cleaner is less, then you will only be able to clean a very little area and you will have to refill your tank again and again. Rug Doctor pro deep cleaner has a tank capacity of holding 64 oz of clean solution and 38 oz of dirty water making it easier for you to clean without refilling again and again. And on the other hand, BISSELL has a tank capacity of 96 oz, which is a lot more than the Rug doctor, allowing you to clean even a larger area.

Cleaning Cycle

Cleaning cycles mostly depend upon the use of your carpet. If your carpet is very messy and you have to cover a larger area while cleaning then BISSELL professional portable cleaner is the best choice for you. But if you have fewer stains and clean only once or twice a month then Rug doctor may be a better choice for you. Though Rug doctor is a little expensive its cleaning cycle takes comparatively less time because of its 4.5 meters wide hose.

Ease of Storage

Since both these portable carpet cleaners are for spot cleaning, they are comparatively small in size than the upright carpet cleaners. It is easier to store them because they are not very high. One thing about the cleaner is that they are a little wide because they are made for spot cleaning. They are wide so they are very easy to carry them wherever you want. Rug Doctor is a little wider than the BISSELL portable cleaner requiring a larger space to be stored. Though both the carpet cleaners are very easy to store and use.


After filling the tanks, the carpet cleaners weigh a lot more than their actual mentioned weight. And when they are heavier it becomes a little difficult to maneuver them around your house. Rug doctors are relatively easy to maneuver because of their high-quality handles. Handles make moving the rug doctor a very convenient task. Bissell 3624 portable spot cleaner also comes with a handle allowing you to maneuver very easily. Being a little heavy it might be difficult to maneuver Rug doctor.

Tools & Attachment

It is very essential to use the proper tool while cleaning carpets. There are different tools available for every type of area you clean. BISSELL spot clean pro comes with a 6-inch stair tool which makes it easier for you to clean stairs. Also, it includes a 3-inch tough stain tool used to remove stains that are otherwise hard to remove like mustard sauce or permanent markers. This BISSELL spot clean portable carpet cleaner also includes a trial-size bottle of pro max clean + formula for cleaning your carpet. While rug doctors on the other hand do not include any of these, you have to buy all the tools and accessories separately if you want to use them.

Additional Features

One best feature about Rug doctor is that it comes with wheels. This feature outstands BISSELL because with the help of wheels it becomes very easy and convenient to control it. You don’t have to push it back and forth every time, you can simply use the wheels to cover your area and clean without exerting much pressure.


Both Rug doctor and BISSELL spot clean portable come with a warranty of 2 years. Though it might vary on the source or medium of your purchase. If you purchase Rug doctors from its store then you might get a warranty of 5 years too, completely depending on the store policy.


Both Rug doctor and BISSELL are designed for spot cleaning and hence have more or less similar features. Both the products excel in their services and are highly recommended. Though there are some differences between both of them, confusing the buyer to choose one of the products. We hope that this Rug Doctor Vs BISSELL Portable Pro guide will definitely let you choose the perfect carpet cleaner for you.

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