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Royal Pro Series Ultra Spin Carpet Cleaner FR50152

Royal Pro FR50152 carpet cleaner is a must-have efficient home appliance. It is a full size, best carpet scrubber and pulling out a tool that will remove spills and stains from the carpet with ease to attain a professional clean. A Royal carpet cleaner is perfect for the car, automotive, and pet stains along with complete house carpet cleaning. It is included with the dual detergent tank that helps to keep the carpet properly clean without any clutter. Let us ave a look at Royal Pro FR50152 Carpet Cleaner Review, with features and Specs.  

Royal Pro FR50152 Carpet Cleaner Review 2020

This carpet cleaner is equipped with a double suction nozzle, antimicrobial brushes, five counter-rotating, automatic solution mixing, and an option for rinsing. A Royal pro carpet cleaner is simple to manage with hand controls and easy to access the hard places with onboard attachments.  Royal Pro FR50152 machine consists of an 11” width path, which is a good cleaning path to cover the large space in a single go. It is included with the D-grip handle for holding the cleaner with a good grip. You don’t need to put an extra effort when using this Royal pro series ultra spin carpet cleaner. 

Royal Carpet Cleaner FR50152 Features

It has fantastic flexibility with the over-moulded back wheels that helps you to move the machine more effectively because you don’t need to carry the complete weight of the machine around. You can even easily maneuver on hard and tough floors with no difficulty. You were designed with superior quality of tires that make this device portable and easy usage. The manufacture of this machine is amazing that you don’t have to put much effort to move this unit.

Royal carpet cleaner review says that it is a multi-purpose device because it is just the right unit for cleaning pet stains, cars, upholstery, and thorough cleaning of the complete home carpet. This cleaner is very simple and easy to use with double tanks that provide a graceful cleaning experience and proper tool attachments for general cleaning leave the area spotless.

The included accessories are a crevice tool, ultra spin tool, and nozzle clean out tool, 8.5 inches separable hose, hard-floor squeegee, spin scrub powered multiple rotating hand brush for cleaning stairs, and an upholstery brush. It is also provided with a carpet solution of 32 ounces and a hard-floor solution of 16 ounces. With the Royal pro carpet cleaner, the carpet turns out to be porous and tough like a professional cleaner washes it. There is an extra special tool to clean the nozzle.

It has double water tanks; one is a water tank of 1 gallon, and the other one is a recovery tank of 1 gallon. Each tank holds individual detergent tanks. The cleaning can be done fabulously with this double detergent system, and it is easy to clean and dismantle. This carpet cleaner is very resourceful with the five counter-rotating brushes and antimicrobial 30-feet power cord. Therefore, you can function this machine quite a long distance from the power supply source. It enhances the effectiveness because you have to re-plug and continuity of work aspect is possible such that when you begin. It is not needed to slow down and stop the cleaning process from regulating the power socket.

Royal Pro FR50152 Carpet Cleaner Review says that it is provided with a 10 amp motor and a D-grip comfortable handlebar for great functionality and 11.25” wide-range of cleaning path. It makes sure that you can cover a large surface area with a single cleaning process. As a result, complete cleaning takes less time with minimum effort.

Royal Pro Series Ultra Spin Carpet Cleaner Specs

Specification Name Value
Manufacturer Name
Royal Pro company
Product name
Carpet cleaner
Product dimensions
22 * 23 * 14 inches
Item weight
27.4 pounds
Cleaning path width
120 volts
10.0 amp
Power cord length
Carpet solution
32 oz
Hard floor solution
16 oz
Water tank capacity
1 gallon
Recovery tank capacity
1 gallon
Separable hose
8.5 inches
3 years
Batteries included
Shipping weight
27.4 pounds
Release date
July 9, 2015





Can Royal Pro Fr50152 Carpet Cleaner machine be used on the brick floor and have a steaming function?

 Royal Pro Fr50152 Carpet Cleaner machine can only be used on tile household floors and doesn’t come with a steaming function.

Does Royal Pro Fr50152 Carpet Cleaner have a rinse mode?

 Royal Pro Fr50152 Carpet Cleaner has a rinse mode making it easier to clean.

Is this Royal Pro FR50152 machine available with a tool for cleaning the stairs?

Yes, Royal Pro has two different upholstery tool sizes, a turbo scrubbing, and a crevice tool.

Does this Royal Carpet Cleaner FR50152 work on 220 volts?

No, Royal Pro carpet cleaner does not work on the voltage of 220 volts.

Bottom Line

When speaking about cleaning, the Royal carpet cleaner works best in removing the dirt or soil. This machine not only cleans area rugs and carpets, but it gives you the capability to deep clean the stairs, mattresses, and furniture. Now spills and stains are removed completely from home with this powerful motor water extraction. It has an additional 30 inches power cord that helps to clean many rooms without altering plugs. Overall, it is the best product with several cleaning accessories, features, good quality tires, easy moving, and is recommended. Hope you find Royal Carpet Cleaner FR50152 Revew is helpful for you to know all about its performance.

Royal Pro FR50152 carpet cleaner- Ultra-spin- great for pet stains- complete house carpet cleaning- lengthy power cord reaches all rooms- D-grip handle for proper grip holding- Microbial brushes- included with several accessories- 11.25” wide-range cleaning path- takes less time and less effort- dual detergent tank- multiple floors- 3-year warranty.

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