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Guide to use Carpet Cleaner for Deep Cleaning of Carpet and Upholstery

Carpet cleaner helps to remove the grime on the carpet easy and quick. Initially treat the deeply mucky areas before you begin using the carpet cleaner. Then move on to the machine over the carpet, drain and refill the tank on occasion. Keep the carpets perfect by using carpet cleaners for several times in a year. The tidy home also looks messy and disorder if the carpets are full of stains. The below article gives the instructions and a detailed description of how to use a carpet cleaner.  Also, get some simple tips to use the carpet cleaner.

How to use a Carpet Cleaner Machine?

While using the carpet cleaner machine read the instructions about how to use carpet cleaner machine and follow it carefully and too much detergent in one place can lead to an uneven finish.

How to use a Carpet Cleaner Machine image
How to use a Carpet Cleaner Machine image

Steps to use Carpet Cleaner

Below are some of the steps for how to use a carpet cleaner machine. 

1. Pre-Treating the Carpet

  • Shift the furniture from the carpet and if possible place them out of the room. Spend yourself for some time in planning so that you can able to attain the blots in tough places also. Go around the areas and furnishings that you cannot move. Circulate the unit over the carpet cautiously to get steer clear of marks and scratches on furniture.
  • Pre-treat the carpet with the vacuum so that you remove as much as dirt on the carpet.
  • You can get the carpet shampoos in the general store which can be used to handle a lot of footmarks and any deep stains if present. The shampoo can be either blotted on a fresh wet paper towel or can be directly sprayed on the stain. 

2. Setup the Cleaner

  • From the front end of carpet cleaner detach the tank. Put the tank’s spout under the sink and fill it with hot water. Fill the tank till the mark given on it. Follow the manufacturer manual for how to locate and remove the cleaner’s tank.
  • Now put the carpet clean-up solution into the tank. There are a few particular solutions specially designed to work with this machine. The tank has the second fill up level mark over the first one. Directly dispense the solution or formula into the hot water tank till the given mark. For few cleaners, they have split tanks for hot water and formula so you need to fill it individually in separate tanks. 
  • Adjust the dial according to the settings for normal, heavy and light cleanings that are present at the front end of a cleaner after the tank. Set the settings correctly based on how hard the stain is. 
  • Now rotate the tool dial positioning to the option of floor cleaning. The tool dial is situated on the crest of the water tank and is a large sized one. Rotate the dial until it pinned to the ground cleaning option and now the unit is loaded and it is set to start functioning.

3. Cleaning the Carpet

  • Plug the power cord into a nearby socket, then press both the buttons that are the power switch and machines button on to activate the heating system.
  • Pull the handle trigger back and forward while moving to spray the water on the carpet. Push the cleaner machine forward and pull it back while holding the trigger. First focus on cleaning the small and surrounding areas nearby you without walking.
  • Now move to the area but does not tow the trigger, once more pull the device frontward and rearward to suck up the grime and water. Prolong this method until no more water is hauled up from the carpet. You will come to know this by staring at the tank as there is no further possibility for water to run into it.
  • You require moving the machine again on the deeply soiled areas. Haul the trigger in order to spread the formula and water more and then if needed try a setting of stronger cleaning. Move on to cover all the carpet by changing between the dry and wet passes to remove the dirt. 
  • The cleaner will take away the water and grime into the tank positioned after the water tank. The maximum capacity is shown with fill line mark and once it arrives at the maximum line sap out it into the sink.
  • Refill the water tank again to continue the cleaning process until you complete cleaning the whole carpet. Based on carpet size you should drain out the grimy water and refill it for many times.
  • Some of the cleaners come with some extra tools to attach it to the cleaner like vacuum attachment. 
  • At the beginning set the tool dial to cleaning floor option before using them. Rotate the dial facing towards you. This option will help in switching the power settings from surface cleaner to hose. Utilize these tools for the process of carpet cleaning to end up. These tools are generally useful to reach harder places such as stairs and corners. 

How do you Deep Clean Carpets?

You have a mess to clean up and don’t have the steam cleaner but do not worry there are some methods for how do you deep clean Carpets without using the machine.

You need to have two tools: spray bottle and stiff bristled scrubbing brush and you also need a mixture of water with some detergent, baking soda, some table Salt and few rugs or towels. 

How do you Deep Clean Carpets image
How do you Deep Clean Carpets image

Below steps are the solution for your question, how do you deep clean Carpets:

  1. Start the process by mixing a little bit of soap with water in a spray bottle. Mix it instead of shaking it vigorously. 
  2. Sprinkle the table salt and backing in the area where you want the deep clean 
  3. Now spray the soapy water on the same area and let it allow to sit for a few minutes
  4. Sweep the carpet in direction with the brush so that you can easily accumulate debris or hair which is a way for you to pick up
  5. If there is still hair then move it in 90 degrees from original direction and then begin again 
  6. Press the towels into the carpet and allow them to saturate with water 
  7. After the area is completely dried then take a spray bottle with clean water and spray gently on the carpet
  8. Again press cloth towels on to the carpet to remove the water. 

This technique is the best one for cleaning the spot stains and if you have a larger brush it will be easy to clean the entire carpet. 

How to use Carpet Shampooer?

Carpet shampooer has 2 different compartments: one holds the fresh and clean water and the other one holds the dirty water once you begin the shampooing. 

How to use a Carpet Shampooer image

To start the process fill the clean water compartment till the mark and then add the cleaning solution as directed. In many of the models, you can add soap directly to the clean water. But in some models, you can have a separate compartment for soap. Be sure that you use the cleaning solution that is meant for a carpet shampooer. If you use some other solution which does not suit the machine then there may be a chance of damaging the machine and simply be very ineffective.

There are different types of options available so you can find the ingredient which is comfortable for you to use. Attach both the compartments and plug in the machine in the socket. Now turn the machine on and hold the clean water button to slowly push it over the carpet. Then release the button and pull it backward in the same path to suck the water back into the dirty water compartment. Continue doing the same process until you cover the entire room. Stubborn soils may require several treatments.


Tips to use Carpet Cleaner for Carpet and Upholstery

Carpet cleaners are best one for general carpet cleaning. Here are some of the tips to use carpet cleaner for carpet and upholstery:

Carpet Cleaner for Carpet and Upholstery image
Carpet Cleaner for Carpet and Upholstery image
  1. Before using the carpet cleaner, vacuum the carpet to remove any loose dirt or dust.
  2. Follow the step by step instructions very carefully given in the manual
  3. Use the detergents which are specially meant for carpet cleaners in order to increase the life span of carpet cleaner
  4. Clean the carpet cleaners after every use to extend its life and which makes the parts to work effectively for the next use.
  5. Remove any hair or debris present in the brushes of carpet cleaner after cleaning the carpet
  6. Use the carpet cleaner in a proper way according to the manufacturer manual
  7. Look for carpet cleaners that have high star rating so that cleaning of carpet is done very efficiently
  8. Set the dials on carpet cleaners according to your requirements.

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