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How to Clean Carpet to get rid of Blood, Nail Polish, Wax stains with Carpet Cleaner?

Properly maintained and cleaned carpet will last for a long duration. Apply some effective strategies for keeping the carpet look fresh and new for many years. In this article, we are going to see how to Clean Carpet.

Dirt is just like thousands of little blades that will cut the carpet fibers. When you walk across the dirty carpet then you grind the sharp dirt particles making small scratches in fibers. So whenever the dirt scratches the fibers the area then get dulls the sheen that is why high traffic areas look duller than the rest part of the carpet.

How to Clean Carpet?

Over the period of time, the grinding dirt will wear away the fibers and makes even easier to get the stains. To clean and protect the carpet, vacuum the entrance areas and the places with high traffic dirt twice a week and vacuum the rest of the carpet at least once in a week. Use the walk-off mats inside and out to keep the dirt away from the carpet.

How to Clean Carpet image
How to Clean Carpet image

How to get rid of carpet beetles?

If you have seen the multi-colored, pinhead-sized beetles slowly moving and rolling over the carpet then it is the time to take immediate action to remove the beetles from the carpet. Even though the carpet beetles do not carry any disease they are the big eaters. They are the fast breeders so they quickly have the ability to damage any item made of natural fibers like clothing, furniture’s, curtains and carpets. Here are some of the steps for how to get rid of carpet beetles:

  1. Vacuum: The very first step is to vacuum the areas where you find the larvae or adults such as rugs, furniture, carpets, and curtains.
  2. Steam cleaning: The next step is to steam clean the same areas where you have vacuumed. The moisture and heat produced by steam cleaning remove the leftover beetles and eggs.
  3. Laundering clothing and pillows: Use the detergent and hot water to wash the clothes, towels, pillows and any linen. If you are not comfortable wearing the damages or infested clothes then dispose of them in plastic bags and place them in some sealed garbage container.
  4. Wiping the surfaces with vinegar:  A mixture of apple cider or white vinegar and water can be applied to the drawers, shelves, hangers, and cupboards to remove the food residue or any dirt present.
  5. Applying the boric acid: By sprinkling this insecticide on the carpets, furniture’s and rugs will kill the leftover beetles.  Leave this boric acid untouched for two hours and then vacuum the residue.
  6. Use the indoor insecticide to target the carpet beetles: Generally, the indoor insecticide sprays are available in the market and use them near the crevices, around the baseboards, under the sink where usually the beetles hide. These sprays are not recommended to use on furniture’s, carpets and rugs.
  7. Calling the professional exterminator: Removal of carpet beetles is very difficult to do by ourselves. Household treatments are not so effective to remove the carpet beetle eggs.

How to get blood out of carpet?

The very first key point to remember how to get blood out of carpet is the sooner you act the better you can remove. If the blood stain gets set on the carpet for long then it becomes difficult to remove the stain.

How to get blood out of carpet image
How to get blood out of carpet image

The below step by step instructions will guide you on how to get blood out of carpet:

  1. If the blood stain which you are trying to remove is dry then go ahead and rub the stain with a steel brush to loosen the stain.
  2. Now mix 1 teaspoon of hand dishwashing detergent with 2 cups of the cold water.
  3. Take a clean and white cloth, and then dip a cloth in the solution you have mixed just before.
  4. Blot the cloth directly on the blood stain continuously.
  5. Repeat the steps of 3 and 4 until the stain gets disappear.

If the above process does not work to get blood out of the carpet then follow the alternative procedure for stain removal.

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with one and a half cup of warm water.
  2. With the help of cloth or sponge apply the ammonia solution directly on the blood stain.
  3. Blot the stain till the liquid is completely absorbed.
  4. Now apply the sponge dipped in cold water directly on the stain and then blot dry.

Non-chemical way to get rid of blood stains on the carpet

If you are not much interested in using the ammonia or detergent then there is another method to tackle the problem:

  1. Fill up the spray bottle with some cold water( if spray bottle is not available then you can use the wet white cloth and apply it on the strain.)
  2. Now spray the cold water on the blood stain.
  3. If the strain is too large then spray water from outside, which will prevent the blood stain from bleeding and spreading onto larger areas of the carpet.
  4. Pull out the remaining moisture with the help of wet vac
  5. To make dry at the place faster point the fan directly towards the stain and remove if any excess moisture present.
  6. Once the area is completely dried then vacuum the excess stain or dirt
  7. Continue the steps from 1 2 6 repeatedly until the bloodstains disappear completely.

How to get wax out of carpet?

Getting rid of wax from the carpet is not as difficult as it seems. Below are a few steps for how to get wax out of carpet:

How to get wax out of carpet image
How to get wax out of carpet image
  1. Take immediate action as soon as you find the wax stain, because the longer the stain sits on the carpet then it is difficult to remove the stain.
  2. Fill the ice in some plastic bag
  3. Now keep this plastic bag directly on the area of carpet with wax stain
  4. Allow the wax to freeze for some time.
  5. Then remove the plastic bag and start to scrape the wax off from the carpet with the help dull knife.
  6. Next lay either a clean cloth or brown paper bag directly on the affected area of the carpet.
  7. Now slowly press the iron box on top of the cloth or paper. The material will begin to absorb the wax and lift it off completely
  8. Repeat step 7 with fresh cloth or paper bag till the overall wax disappears
  9. Using the homemade carpet cleaning solution scrub the area to remove if any remaining wax is present

How to get stains out of carpet?

Replacing the carpet is very expensive so it is important to learn about how to get stains out of carpet in the right way. A stained carpet makes your home to look dirty and not fresh even though everything in the home is very clean.

How to get stains out of carpet image
How to get stains out of carpet image

General carpet stains

Some carpet stains from beverages, food, grease, pets, and other substances will generally be cleaned up with warm water and some amount of liquid dish detergents. If this method removes the stain completely then there are few methods listed below.

How to get out of stains like mud, foods, feces and latex paint

Clean the remaining stain with a solution of 3 parts of hot water mixed with 1 part vinegar. Spray this solution on the stained area and then blot the stain away with the help of a fresh and white cloth. In order not to spread the mess always keeps on rotating the fabric as you work.


How to get out of stains like chocolate, wine, coffee, kitchen, and blood

Remove the spill as much as possible, and then spot the stain with club soda and clean cloth. For some stubborn stains mix 1 tablespoon of household ammonia with a ½ cup of water. Spray this solution on the stain but make sure that it does not soak beneath the carpet. Now dab the stain with a cloth and then after the stain is removed, clean the area of the stain with fresh water to take away the remaining ammonia if any and then blot it dry.

Greasy carpet stains

Sprinkle the 1/4th cup of baking soda and then rub this on the stain. Slowly pour some soapy vinegar over the stain. Then the bubbling chemical reaction of vinegar with baking soda will remove the stain out of carpet fibers. Once you have finished the pouring, blot away the stain and let it dry and then vacuum.

How to get nail polish out of carpet?

Below are some of the steps for how to get nail polish out of carpet whether it is dry or still wet and fresh.

How to get nail polish out of carpet image
How to get nail polish out of carpet image

Household products you can use for how to get nail polish out of carpet:

  • Hairspray: Hairspray contains alcohol, which can dissolve the nail polish. This can be the most effective method to remove the nail polish from carpet.
  • Window cleaner: It is one of the best things to remove the nail polish from the carpet.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide acts very similar way to remove the nail polish but it even disorders the dark colored carpet so better to use it on light color carpets.
  • Carpet stain remover: It is an obvious product to use in order to remove the nail polish.

How to get nail polish out of the carpet when it is still wet?

The fresher the stain then it is easy to remove or clean.

  1. Initially remove the stain as much as possible: remove the nail polish as much as you can with a paper or clean dishcloth and dab it carefully so that nothing is coming off. Try not to rub it because it may go even deeper into the carpet.
  2. Do some patch test on the carpet: try and pour of a small number of preferred products which are at home on the carpet and leave it for some time so that if the carpet is not discolored or damaged then go for step3.
  3. Handle the nail polish stains using the products: use your preferred and pour it on the towel or clean cloth and blot it on the stain. Be sure that you are not spreading it. If this is not working much or if the stained area is larger then pour directly the cleaning solution on to the stain and then blot.
  4. Wash the carpet using soapy water: in a clean bowl pour some water and a little bit of laundry soap, dishwashing liquid or carpet cleaner into the water and well mix it. Take a clean and fresh cloth or sponge, and dip it in the soapy water, squeeze it out and then start scrubbing on the carpet. Continue the process until the cleaning products are completely out of the carpet.
  5. Dry the carpet: in order to dry the carpet, soak up all the water with a clean towel. Then set fan directly on the area where it is wet and let it dry.

Getting off the nail polish from the carpet when it is dry

If the nail polish is dried already, then below the steps to remove the stains.

  1. By using the knife, spoon or with fingers try to remove to remain as much as nail polish you can. When it is done then vacuum or sweep all the area to remove the flecks.
  2. Take a bowl of warm water and then dip the sponge or cloth in this warm water, with this sponge or cloth wet the stained area.
  3. Take an old brush or clean cloth, put the selected cleaning solution on it and gently start rubbing the stain with the cloth or brush. If this is not working much then pour the solution directly on to the stain. Then, continue the gentle rubbing until the nail polish is removed completely.
  4. Clean the carpet with the solution of warm water mixed with the dishwashing soap, carpet cleaner or laundry detergent by dipping the cloth in this solution and scrubbing the stained area till the nail polish gets invisible.
  5. Rinse and scrub the carpet with a sponge or clean cloth dipped in warm water until the soap is gone completely from carpet.
  6. Dry the carpet with the help of a fan.

How to clean carpet with Carpet Cleaner?

Below are some of the listed homemade carpet cleaners and are easily available. The powder can be used as a carpet cleaner. The powder is a great way to clean the carpet. This is one of the best strategies to clean the carpet with the powder.

How to clean carpet with Carpet Cleaner image
How to clean carpet with Carpet Cleaner image
  1. Sprinkle the powder freely on the carpet.
  2. Leave it for 30 minutes. If you leave it overnight then would be much better, as it gives time for the cleaner to work, soften the stains and consumes the odor.
  3. After the process is done then vacuum the powder.

Carpet shampoo as a carpet cleaner

It is another popular way to clean the carpets. There are many different types of carpet shampoos are available. So make sure that you follow the guidance provided on the label.

  1. Make the solution as directed on the package. In many of the cases, the products need to be diluted with water.
  2. Use enough carpet shampoo to cover the area.
  3. Don’t make the carpet too wet because it takes much time to dry
  4. With this shampoo scrub on the stubborn areas of stain with a hard bristled brush.
  5. Then let the carpet get dry
  6. After it is completely dried then vacuum the shampoo

Natural carpet cleaners

To remove the coffee stains use tonic water or soda water. Salt is also the alternative for removing the dirt. Baking soda generally absorbs the nasty smell that is hiding in between the fibers. For some sticky stains like gum, harden it with the help of ice cubes.

Above mentioned are some of the things to how to clean the carpet with carpet cleaners easily. Visit our portal regularly to get more info on Best Carpet Cleaner Machines.

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