How to Choose a best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains, Hair Removal?

This article is all about best carpet cleaner for pet stains and How to Choose a perfect Carpet Cleaner for Pet Owners. Having dog or cat urine on your carpet which gives stringent smell and stains on the carpet. Though you love your pets, the stench of their urine on the carpet is something which looks bad and unclean. In this situation, you even avoid some guests in your home.

How to Choose a perfect Carpet Cleaner for Pet Owners?

To get really out of these stains, stench, hair, and embarrassment of your carpet, it is better to invest on long term home solution which will work for many years. With so many options below are some of the best carpet cleaners for pet stains in the market.

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Best carpet cleaner for pet stains

There are many different types of carpet cleaner available in the market. Before taking the final decision about which carpet cleaner to buy go through the below description of some of the things you should look in carpet cleaner for pets. This will help you to narrow down which benefits and features are more valuable and important to you and help you to know How to Choose a perfect Carpet Cleaner for Pet Owners.

10 best carpet cleaner machines for pet stains: Know How to Choose a perfect Carpet Cleaner for Pet Owners with these.

1. Bissell pet stain eraser

Capacity: 8 oz, Weight: 4.6 lbs, Cleaning Path: 3”.

If you are looking for best portable carpet cleaner for pet stains then look no further, the pet stain eraser from Bissell is not so bigger than a handheld vacuum and can be easily used on carpets, curtains, and furniture. As it is convenient in size partnered with a carpet cleaning solution which has a powerful spot clean that makes having a pet feel like less stressful.

2. Hoover power dash pet carpet cleaner

Capacity: 0.5 gallons, Weight: 13 lbs, Cleaning path: 10”.

This type is the great budget saver with an upright carpet cleaning machine for pet stains and even don’t take much storage space for occupying. One of the unique parts in this type is that it uses heat force technology, which has a trademark of Hoover and makes your carpet to dry much faster. If you wish you can buy this model with carpet cleaner solution as a bundle of the set.

3. Rug doctor portable spot cleaner

Capacity: 0.5 gallon, Weight: 15 lbs, Cleaning path: 4.5”.

If you are looking for portable spot cleaner then rug doctor portable spot cleaner is a highly rated appliance which also has great options for pet owners. The hand is retractable and has a hose of more than 5 feet long, giving the ease in cleaning. it is tender enough to use every day, but be sure that you won’t be using it multiple times at the same spot to extract the pet stains.

4. Bissell spot clean professional portable carpet cleaner

Capacity: 0.75 gallons, Weight: 13.2 lbs, Cleaning path: 6” and 3”.

This Bissell pet carpet cleaner is the best spot cleaner for pet stains. It is easy to carry around, it has the greatest feature that is built in professional spot cleaner, which helps in removing the toughest stains from carpets. It is corded but has long hose helps to reach many areas at once.

5. Hoover power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner

Capacity: 1 gallon, Weight: 18.1 lbs, Cleaning path: 12”.

It has own patented spin brush technology and also has five 360 degrees counter-rotating brush heads. The antimicrobial brushes in this type help to gently wash and scrub the carpets from all the angles even helps to prevent future odor and growth of bacteria. The brush head can be easily removable which gives a thorough cleaning.

6. Bissell deep clean premier pet carpet cleaner

Capacity: 1.25 gallon, Weight: 25 lbs, Cleaning path: 12”.

Bissell is one of the topmost brands in terms of best carpet cleaner for pet’s stains also. They have designed this type of machine with heat wave technology. It maintains the temperature of water in throughout the cleaning process. It also has 12 rows with dual rotating power brushes.

7. Rug doctor deep clean carpet cleaner

Capacity: 1 gallon, Weight: 37 lbs, Cleaning path: 12”.

It is bit pricier and you are paying for a powerful punch of suction. If does not do the trick, switch on super boost spray function. This feature allows you to customize in order to suit for cleaning high traffic and heavily soiled areas.

8. Rug doctor mighty pro X3 pet pack

Capacity: 2 gallon, Weight: 40 lbs, Cleaning path: 10.8”.

This is suitable for areas larger than the average home. Though it is bit pricier, this powerful machine has 2 separate water tanks and vibrating cleaning brush which lift even the stubborn dirt from the carpet. By extracting the water from the carpet, the carpet looks neat, dry and spotless.

9. Bissell big green commercial deep cleaning machine

Capacity: 1.75 gallons, Weight: 42 lbs, Cleaning Capacity: 10”.

For a commercial purpose, the Bissell big screen is suitable and is still easy for beginners to use who are in need of a good and strong carpet cleaner for odor, pet stains and keeping the carpet fresh. It has dual high capacity tanks and has large capacity cleaning path making it easy to do the lot of work without refilling or go through the same spot repeatedly.

10. Aqua pro vac portable carpet cleaning machine

Capacity: 1.5 gallons, Weight: 22 lbs, Cleaning Path: depends on the attachment.

Aqua pro vac also a great professional carpet cleaner that is little more portable but still has a reasonable price. It has casters and wheels making it able to move from one room to another room for spot cleaning.

By reading all these, you can easily know How to Choose a perfect Carpet Cleaner for Pet Owners.

How many pet owners have a carpet cleaner?

It all depends on the individual capacity of buying the carpet cleaner machine. Not every pet owner prefers carpet cleaner. In some houses, though they have pets it is not necessary for them to have carpet on their floors, in this case, pet owners don’t even require a carpet cleaner machine. But it is better to prefer the carpet cleaner machine of your suitable budget if you have pets at home because pets keep on throwing some dirt or urine on the carpet which is difficult for you to clean without carpet cleaner. Almost all the pet owners prefer to have carpet cleaners at their home. So, you should check this guide regarding How to Choose a perfect Carpet Cleaner for Pet Owners.

Carpet cleaners for pet hair removal

If you have tried some traditional vacuum cleaner to remove the pet hair then you will come to know that it does not perfectly work to the extent you expect. Actually, the hair gets tangled to the brushes at the end of vacuum cleaner where there is a chance to drive more into the carpet. Carpet cleaner machine for pets is fixed with silicon brushes which removes even the last hair present on the carpet and not tangled in the mess. So carpet cleaners for pet hair removal are the best thing to consider for sucking the pet hair on the carpet. They suck up the hair and store it in a little container where you can empty the hair later.

Carpet cleaners to clean pet debris removal

Clean pet stains successfully and completely from fabric can be very difficult, but it is worth to take some extra time to do it correctly. Aside from the look and smell dirty, areas that have urine odor or dog poop will attract the dog to go back to that area again and again. Use pet safe spray carpet cleaner. If your pet has an accident on the carpet quickly remove the debris and excess moisture from the area, then spray the area with a product like Woolite pet spray carpet cleaner. Wait for few minutes then wipe it to clean.

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