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Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual Vacuum F7412900

If your home floor is almost covered with carpet, or carpets filled with more traffic, then look to purchase Hoover Max extract dual V F7412900 carpet cleaner. It is included with 6 counter-rotating brush heads that helps in thorough and proper cleaning of the carpets. What are waiting for just refer Hoover F7412900 Carpet Cleaner Review, along with features, pros and cons, and specificiations. The spin scrub brushes of Hoover carpet cleaner max extract dual vacuum clear dirt on every side of the carpet. 

Hoover F7412900 Carpet Cleaner Review 2020

The dual-V technology of Hoover F7412900 offers equal suction on the entire path and takes out more water than other models. It is included with automatic technology of self-cleaning, just with one shove the hose and complete device will become spotless and cleaned without the creation of any smell.  Hoover max extract carpet cleaner follows Hoover’s original spin scrub technology that improvises the clearing and pick-up of stains and dirt in a better way than traditional single directional spinning brushes in other models.

Hoover Max Extract Dual V F7412900 Features

The Hoover max extract dual V widepath carpet washer uses a powerful motor of 12 amps. Including such a motor will help in both cleaning and drying, so you will find the result from beginning to end of the cleaning process. The motor supremacies 3 cleaning modes: gentle, spill pick-up, and power scrub. This included motor provides the maximum strength to take out the detergent, dirt, and water and helps to parch the floor.

The motor controls the brushes present on the Hoover carpet cleaner max extract dual vacuum that are very remarkable. Spinscrub technology of this cleaner performs 20% more effective cleaning with six brushes and multi-directional rotating brushes instead of general five brushes. This technique is better at disturbing entrenched dirt from each carpet fibre for a complete clean. With this technology the patented counter-rotating brushes lightly washes and grooms every side of the carpet fibres.

Instead of having one tank and later requiring a bladder system for partition, Hoover carpet cleaner machine has two in-built separate tanks for fresh and dirty water. There is no chance of getting dirty water into the fresh water tank, and draining out either tank is very convenient and easy. The capacity of the clean water tank is 1 gallon which will last for lengthier cleaning sessions. The Hoover F7412900 carpet cleaner review says that users are happy and satisfied with the tank’s size. They are not very large to obstruct the maneuverability and weight of the machine. Even not much small that customers require to drain and refill the tank frequently to get the cleaning done.

Customers even expect to have a fast drying system after making use of the cleaner. The best Hoover carpet cleaner for sale is high in the market because it is designed to blow the heated air on the carpet for faster dry. The unit’s powerful suction will pull the water, and within a few hours, the users will have clean, fresh, and dry carpet. Hoover carpet cleaner’s drying time is less than carpet cleaning devices.

It is easy, simple to use, and assembles this machine. Many people like the fastness of the machine and its speedrunning. For easy operations, it is designed with intuitive controls. The intuitive controls are positioned conveniently right at the fingertips. It is designed with a wide path clear nozzle which is detachable for simple cleaning the in-between paths.

While refe its Hoover F7412900 Carpet Cleaner Review, you may notice  a separate brush and hose system for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and chairs. The powered spin scrub hand tool in the palm is given to clean the stairs, furniture, and more. This spin scrub has a spinning brush that removes the stubborn stains. If you need to suck-up, some liquid then use upholstery/stair nozzle. Cleaning the edges of the carpet is difficult, but with the well-organized bristles, one can imagine having good cleaning even at the edges.

To get out bad stains, you need to use detergent. Hoover carpet cleaner is perfect for this, as it is equipped with an automatic detergent mixing system that provides you with the best ratio of water and detergent without measurement and mixing. Just you need to add water and detergent- the device will automatically organize the rest things. In this way, you can skip the step of emptying the tank with soapy water. As this Best Hoover Carpet Cleaner For Sale is now available on amazon. 

Hoover Max Extract Dual V Widepath Carpet Washer Specs

Specification Name Value
Manufacturer name
Hoover company
Product name
Carpet cleaner
Part number
Product dimensions
20.2*15.8* 29.2 inches
Item weight
26.9 pounds
Assembly required
Clean water tank capacity
1 gallon
120 volts
12 amp
Length of a power cord
20 feet
1 year on parts and motor
Shipping weight
35 pounds
Release date
July 30, 2008





How do you use a Hoover F7412900 Dual V Carpet Cleaner?

 Follow steps to use a Hoover F7412900 Dual V Carpet Cleaner:

  1. Fill up the tank with solution and dilute the rest with water
  2. Once your tank is filled attach it with a cleaner and make sure the handle is pressed up.
  3. Set the mode selector dial on your handle for wash and make sure that the brush mode selector is set for power for power scrub.
  4. Release pedal and squeeze the trigger to release water and solution while stroking your carpet forward. 
  5. Pull the cleaner backwards with your hand still on the trigger for a rinsing stroke and then push the cleaner forward with your hand off the trigger for a drive stroke.
  6. Repeat the steps till you are done cleaning.
How long does it take for carpet to dry after using Hoover F7412900 Carpet Cleaner?

The carpet is usually dried within 4-6 hours after cleaning with Hoover F7412900 Carpet Cleaner.

Does Hoover MaxExtract Carpet Cleaner work on Berber carpet?

Hoover MaxExtract Carpet Cleaner works on Berber carpet with a little extra time than normal.

How much does it take for the carpet to get dry after usage?

It takes about 2-3 hours to dry completely, Hoover carpet cleaner does a fantastic task of pulling most of the
water and lessens the drying time.

Does Hoover F7412900 Carpet Cleaner remove the old pet stains?

Yes, but it's all based on the period and pet stain type. If the cleaning is done early then there will no trace
of the stain

Does Hoover F7412900 Carpet Cleaner steam?

No, Hoover F7412900 Carpet Cleaner does not steam.

Bottom Line

It is the best Hoover carpet cleaner as it cleans any sort of surface. Smart and the great auto-mixing detergent system ensure the exact usage of water and soap. With the fast auto technology, the carpet dries very fast, and the powerful motor makes sure of maximum suction of dirt from every side. Overall, it is the best option if you are thinking of having an effective cleaning outcome, easy, simple and intuitive handling, wide path and fast cleaning saves time, convenient carpet cleaning, and drying.

Hoover F7412900 max extract dual v carpet cleaner- wide path nozzle- auto detergent mixing system- spin scrub technology for 360-degree clean- 12-amp powerful motor- intuitive controls straight at the fingertips- powered spin scrub hand tool for hard-to-reach areas- separate tanks- 20% extra cleaning possible with 6th brush- easy to use- well-designed- 1-year warranty.

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