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What to look for when Buying a Carpet Cleaner? – Guide to buy Carpet Cleaners

Generally, we prefer to vacuum the carpet, but not all think about giving the carpet a good wash at least sometimes. Before getting into the actual Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide, it is necessary to know what is exactly hiding in those fibers and it does not bother if you purchase a luxuriously deep pile which has more cost, or a high budget type carpet. Carpet has fibers and this is the place where all unwanted and unhealthy bugs will hide. Think about this every time you come across the carpet in bare feet, shoes or slippers where you are grinding the surface dirt deep into the piles.

Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

It is sure that vacuuming will help you to clean the carpet as long as you do it on regular basis but this only cleans the loose dirt which is present unless you spent a lot of money, there are some models in vacuum cleaner which helps to keep the airborne particles at bay. So it is now important to know to buy a carpet cleaner, what is the best carpet cleaner to buy and is it worth buying a carpet cleaner.

Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide image
Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide image

Guide for Buying a carpet cleaner

To buy a new carpet cleaner then there are certain things to be considered and keep in mind. Apart from the price, there are many factors to take into account. Below discussed are the things to know before buying a carpet and what to look for when buying a carpet cleaner. Some of the people get confused with carpet cleaner and vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is just used to suck up the dirt and other solid particles from carpet whereas carpet cleaner is meant for deep cleaning of the carpet which includes scrubbing, long process of washing, rinsing and cleaning up thoroughly with liquids which are used for washing the carpets. No water or any cleaning agent is used in vacuum cleaner which just involves with dry cleaning to make the carpet look clean and fresh.

What to look when buying a carpet cleaner?

Let’s see more info regarding Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide. Carpet cleaners usually are large devices that can scrub the carpet and introduce the liquid agent with hot water in order to thoroughly take away dust, dirt, filth, odor and some unwanted particles which are stuck up on the carpet. In recent days there are many industrial grade carpet cleaners which are capable of doing scrubbing, washing and drying function. They just apply the cleaning liquid solution to the carpet, brush or scrub the carpet, and also apply heat for the carpet to get dry.

Things to Know Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner

Things to Know Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner image
Things to Know Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner image
  • Ease of use: Carpet cleaner is very easy to use. It should be easy to move around. It should be flexible to move even in the corner and other hard to reach places. The cleaning head which can be changeable or other extra accessories helps to clean different shapes and surfaces.
  • Power: Along with the compact, a powerful carpet cleaner is what everyone is looking for. It should have strong power capacity and ability to forcefully scrub the carpet to some reasonable time span. No one needs their machine to get stuck at some point occasionally due to overheating. It should also have good heat dissipation power system to make sure that it works efficiently.
  • Storage: It is better to have some separate storage tanks for cleaning agent and water for quicker refilling and thus lead to faster cleaning.  The machine can do the job for a longer time if it has bigger storage tanks.
  • Noise: It is always good if the machine does not make any much noise. Quieter devices are much better. However, you cannot expect the carpet cleaner to be completely noiseless but the machine should at least keep the reasonably low level of noise so that residents or neighbors of the house should get any disturbance.
  • Price: Price is such an important factor not to be missed. Affordability matters but don’t expect all the features to come at a low and cheaper price. This is the reason why the price is very crucial and make the comparisons to find the best carpet cleaner which satisfies your needs, provides all the features and also available at a reasonable price.

More factors to consider while buying Carpet Cleaner

Along with the above features you also keep in mind about the material of the body which decides the durability of the device. Check what are those from below sections of Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide. Other details to consider are rotating brushes, edge cleaning, hose length, indicators, heaters, and many such attachments. By considering the above list of factors find out which and what is the best carpet cleaner to buy in the market. Things to know before buying a carpet cleaner.

  • Know the weight of carpet cleaner when empty and when it is full of each and every model.
  • Know the cost of each carpet cleaner.
  • Check with the settings, length of the hose and accessories.
  • Know about the noise of carpet cleaner makes
  • How much time it takes to clean the carpet cleaner

Is it worth buying Carpet Cleaner?

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There are three things can be done. They are renting the carpet cleaner, buying the carpet cleaner and hiring a service for doing the work.  But in general cases rent costs around $87 per cleaning, hiring may cost around $257 per cleaning, buying costs around $150 and the detergent for cleaning may cost $60 for 1600 square feet that too for a one-time cleaning. Overall cost is $150+$60 per cleaning. Initial cost for buying carpet cleaner may seem to be high but the overall renting cost would roughly be the same around the fifth us.

So, it is cheaper to own at the sixth use by referring the Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide. However, buying is less expensive compared to hiring a service. So it is worth to buy a carpet cleaner to clean all the dirt, dust and unwanted particles by washing it in the solution agent, which we cannot manually clean the carpet by just applying manpower or with the vacuum cleaner which only removes the loose particles that are just present on the top of the carpet. Keep visiting our Best Carpet Cleaner Machine portal for the more latest information.

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