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Pet Hair Collector

BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner

Presenting you a new release in the Carpet Cleaner world, the Bissell DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9. If you want to save time, reduce the back pain that happens while cleaning then you need to buy the Carpet Cleaning Machine 2019. Generally, most of the people love to grow pets at home. Few like cats and some prefer the puppies. A pet in a home means there is going to have a mess. Those people have to clean the spots, stains and pet hair that get stuck on the carpet.

With the help of a Bissell Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains, you can clear all that mess that made for your lovely pets. This cleaning equipment invented to make people’s work easy in cleaning. Mostly for the pet owners especially Pet Carpet Cleaner is designed. All the pet make stains of any food item and leave hair of them on the carpet. Chose the Pet Carpet Cleaner Machine in such a way that collects pet hair and also has cleaning formula to remove the stains.  That’s why the Bissell 36Z9 contains a basket called Pet Hair Collector along with 2X Pet Stain and Odour Formula.

Best Pet Carpet Cleaner Bissell 36Z9

I bought Bissell DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9 and started using it. It is a new Carpet Cleaning System which became popular these days. As I said in the above passage that many people in the world are pet lovers. I am one among them. Even, in my home also there are two pets. One Doggie named Spencer and another one a cute little cat named Smoky. I bought two beautiful pet carpets for them. They like to sleep, play on those carpets. When Spencer and Smoky laid pet carpet, their hair gets stuck some stubborn stains.

Daily, I do carpet shampooing with a different type of cleaning solutions & formulas. By doing like that, it takes a lot of time. I have raised a question in my mind, how to clean pet stains within less time? Then, I browse a solution for this problem. After many searches, I found a remedy for it. It is nothing but a Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner which is specially designed for the removal of pet stains. I suggest you once check the Bissell 36Z9 Reviews. Then, automatically you buy one amazing piece for your home too.

Bissell 36Z9 Pet Carpet Cleaner Reviews

The Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet 36Z9, a new model in the Bissell. It is one of the top rated carpet cleaners 2019 for removal of pet stains at present. A product became successful because of the technology & features that are implemented in it. Starting with the 36Z9 Bissell’s Technology. HeatWave Technology is integrated into this Pet Carpet Cleaner which helps in maintaining the water temperature. The Bissell Carpet Shampooer removes the deep-down dirt and tough stains with a CleanShot Pretreater. To clean the baseboards, i.e., a narrow-bordered wall & furniture with the powerful suction.

Rotating Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes extract the dirt particles gently and make your carpet look newer & increases its life period also. With the Stain Trapper Tool, you can remove the mess happening inside the tool. 3 Inches Tough Stain Tool scrub the tough stains. A separate basket means Pet Hair Collector which collects the pet hair and other waste before going to mix up in the dirty water tank. To clean all types of pet stains you need a cleaning formula. Bissell Pet Carpet Cleaner includes a trial-size 2X Pet Stain & Odor Formula along with a Scotchgard Protector which protects the carpet from future stains.


  • Performance & Tank Capacity
  • HeatWave Technology & Powerful Suction
  • CleanShot Pretreater, Dual DirtLift PowerBrushes & Pet Hair Collector
  • Cost & Warranty

If few people like & convinced with the performance then only they look for its price. When it comes to the Bissell DeepClean 36Z9 Pet Carpet Cleaner, from the DirtLifter PowerBrushes to the Heat Wave Technology it functions well in cleaning the dirt & pet hair also the stains made by them. The Bissell 36Z9 DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner dual-tank system capacity is 1.25. So that it can save your time in filling & emptying the water. Also, cleans more area at once.

This is the technology equipped with the Pet Carpet Cleaner Bissell 36Z9. If a cleaning process mixes up with the warm water then your work will be done more effectively. This HeatWave Technology helps in maintaining the water temperature which is helpful at the time of cleaning. Suction is the part of Edge-to-Edge Cleaning. The powerful suction is Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains, it easily extracts the dust particles from the carpet fibers and around furniture. Also, it quickly dries your carpet also.

  • With this feature in the Bissell DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9, you can clean the heavy and stubborn stains. Heavy-duty spot cleaning with the CleanShot Pretreater helps in the removal of stains.
  • The dual rotating power brushes in the Bissell 36Z9 deep cleans the dirt and makes your carpet and looks like a new one. Also, increases the life of your carpet & furniture too.
  • One basket available in this Bissell Best Carpet Cleaner 2019 is pet hair collector. Often, most people have a problem while cleaning the carpet due to their lovely pet hair. Also, this hair mess gets mixup inside your water tank. To avoid this situation, a pet hair collector is integrated into the Bissell 36Z9 Carpet Shampooer.

It is another important factor in purchasing a Best Carpet Cleaner Solution for Pet Stains is its price. Under 230 Dollars, you can get the Bissell 36Z9. This is the right time to buy a Bissell Pet Carpet Cleaner at 225.99 Dollars. When compared to the other Bissell Carpet Cleaner models, the lifetime of Bissell 36Z9 is a bit more. The Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner, 36Z9 Warranty is 3 years.


Specification Name Value
Product Name
Bissell 36Z9 Deep Clean Pet Carpet Cleaner
225.99 Dollars
Item Model Number
Item Weight
25 Pounds
Product Dimensions
23.5 * 14 * 25 Inches
Tank Capacity
1.25 gallons
HeatWave Technology, Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes
Number of Tools
2, i.e., Stain Trapper Tool, 3″ Tough Stain Tool
Power Cord
22- foot
Separate Basket
Pet Hair Collection Basket
Cleaning Formula
2X Pet Stain & Odor Formula
Stain Protector
Scotchguard Protector
3 Years

Additional Features for Bissell Deepclean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9

  • Ede-to-Edge Cleaning
  • 12 Inch Wide Cleaning Path
  • Stain Trapper Tool
  • 3″ Tough Stain Tool
  • 2X Pet Stain & Odor Formula with Scotchguard Protector


  • Innovative Cleanshot Trigger
  • Heatwave Technology
  • Stain Trapper Tool
  • Powerful Suction


  • Bissell DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9 will clean better with patented HeatWave Technology
  • Rotating DirtLifter PowerBrushes with 12 cleaning rows removes deep-down dirt and tough stains
  • Before reaching the waste into a dirty water tank, pet hair collection basket removes the hair
  • 36Z9 Pet Carpet Cleaner Bissell comprises of 2X Pet Stain Cleansing Formula easily removes pet stains & messes


  • Bissell 36Z9 does not have a long power cord which is necessary for large space cleaning from room to room

Bottom Line

If you are the one who wants to save time and keep less effort in cleaning then you need to purchase the Bissell DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9 for sure. Before going to make a purchase, use this article as a reference if you got any doubts. Take care while cleaning & using it. If you are new to this, after checking the Bissell 36Z9 Manual then only start using it.

Bissell DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9 easily traps and trashes away the pet hair and debris. While cleaning, its technology helps in maintaining consistent water temperature. Overall, it is the perfect machine to remove pet stains, odor and debris.

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