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Bissell Spotbot Pet 33N8 Portable Carpet Cleaner

Having pets in the house is no less than taking care of a human baby. They make a mess of an equal amount, and you have to take care of them as much as you would take care of a baby. Despite all the cheerfulness they bring into the house, the hair and stains left behind are no easy task to tackle. So many times, people won’t come to your house just because your pets leave hair on your furniture and rugs, etc. it can be quite annoying, but there is a solution for it. You have to be able to clean up pet hair regularly to really tackle this problem, and for that, you need a proper vacuum cleaner, which is designed for the purpose. No matter how much you groom your dog to avoid the situation, so you should get a vacuum cleaner, which will do the job for you. Here is the complete Bissell 33n8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner Review, with features and Specs. 

Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner Review 2020

Now, you can get vacuum cleaners that are designed to sweep floors and collect pet hair as well. You will be saving a lot of money this way, and the job of cleaning pet hair will be done along with the cleaning of the house. You would think that a normal broom would do the task, but the Bissell Spotbot Pet Portable Carpet Cleaner, which can eliminate the hair from your furniture is incomparable. The Bissell 33N8 is one of the Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets and a great appliance to purchase if you regularly deal with stains and odors generated by pets around the house. It is a good option to consider for regular cleaning as well since it has anti-microbial protection. Dealing with new stains would be much easier with its help, not as much with old stains.

Bissell 33n8 Spotbot Features

Pets don’t just leave around hair but some nasty stains and odors as well. Most of them are quite hard to get because they are embedded deep into the surface. It is where the Bissell Spotbot Pet Carpet Clean becomes very useful to us as users. The Bissell Spotbot Carpet Cleaner deep reach technology can get out the toughest of stains there could be. From the bottom to the top, the Bissell Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner will clean as thoroughly as possible, without much labor required from your side. All the hard work will be done by the powerful motor that the vacuum cleaner houses. All surface types are included under this function and can be covered easily by the cleaner.  

As metioned in Bissell 33n8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner Review, there are two pre-set cleaning cycles that the Bissell Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner is equipped with. Once you choose between these two modes, the job of cleaning is transferred to the cleaner. Bissell Carpet Spotbot 33N8 will take control of the situation entirely and perform to suit your cleaning needs. There is no programming required if you are using one of the modes, which is opposed to most vacuum cleaners you will find.

Stains and odors come hand in hand, and removing both of them is no easy job. No need for the usual scrubbing we all do to get them out if Bissell Spot bot Pet Handsfree Spot And Stain Cleaner can help. There are cleaning solutions you can buy which, combined with the brushes that are attached to the vacuum cleaner, will easily take out any tough stain there could be. You will be left with a fresh smell of a clean surface, neither the cleaning solution and nor the odors that were there previously.

Various accessories can be attached to the vacuum cleaner to facilitate its functioning. It is easier to clean hard to reach areas with the help of these additional tools, such as the hose which is best for cleaning upholstery. Even the corners of the sofas which you couldn’t reach earlier will be cleaned very well with the help of the onboard hose and tool. It is the flexibility that these tools add to the vacuum cleaner, which makes Bissell Spot bot Pet Carpet Cleaner a very successful product.

The Bissell Pet Vacuum has been designed more as one tool for every cleaning issue that you can encounter related to pets, stains, and odors. The size of it is very small, which makes it extremely portable and gives you the flexibility to use it on multiple surfaces easily. With the additional tools that can be attached, you can even clean your car if you wish to, with its help. All kinds of cleaning tasks can be very easily tackled by this Bisell Spotbot Pet 33n8 Carpet Cleane, which makes its design extremely versatile.

Unlike most vacuum cleaners you will find, the Bissell Spot bot Pet 33N8 Carpet Cleaner has two separate tanks. One is dedicated to clean water, and the other is dedicated to the dirty water collected. You can only fill and empty these tanks through the small holes they have. Accessibility might be an issue, but it is convenient to have both separately, so you know what’s for what. Maintenance of both doesn’t take much as well, and there are simple ways you can adopt to ensure that part.

Bissell Spotbot Pet 33n8 Carpet Cleaner Specs

Specification Name Value
16.9 x 9.1 x 12.5 inches
12.5 pounds
Model no
Power source
Cord length
16 feet
Hose length
5 feet
2 years
Power rating
3 amps





How do you use a Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner ?

Follow steps to use Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner :

  1. Fill tank with clean water
  2. Release the hose from hose grip
  3. Select the cleaning tool for spot cleaning
  4. Release cord wrap clockwise to unwrap the power cord
  5. Plugin the machine and press the power button
  6. Pretreat heavily soiled areas first
  7. Release the spray trigger and scrub gently 
  8. Use drying strokes to remove moisture
  9. With a deeply stained tool, set the tool directly over the carpet before pulling the spray trigger to inject formula deep into the carpet fibers
How do you clean a Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner?

Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner tool can’t be removed easily. Run the sink full of hot water and suck it up. Repeat it several times to keep the hose clean.

Can the tanks be open for easy cleaning of Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner ?

The tanks of the Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner cannot be opened for easy cleaning as there is only a small hole on each side of the tank.

What is the difference between the two cleaning modes?

One of the pre-set modes is for mild cleaning, while the other one is more for hard scrubbing. The cleaning is
more intense in one of them.

Does Bissell 33N8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner extract any water?

Yes, the machine does extract water, which is why the dirty water container is present. Attaching the cleaner with the hose will pull more water.

Will the rotating brush harm upholstery?

No, the brushes are designed to be very soft on the surfaces. Use the mild cleaning mode when cleaning upholstery for the best results.

Bottom Line

Finally this is all about Bissell 33n8 Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner Review, this Bissell Pet Vacuum has a whole range of great vacuum cleaners, especially for pet hair and stains. It is one of the Best Carpet Cleaners and most affordable as well with great features. The simple benefit that you will get on buying it is that it is not limited to just pet hair cleaning, but does that job very efficiently as well. Cleaning becomes a fun job to do with this Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet in your hand. There are so many attachments you can explore and switch between to see what fits best for the kind of cleaning you do. Its cleaning system and the size in which all of that fits in is what makes it a successfully designed product. Great brushes that can scrub easily with the help of the cleaning solutions and your cleaning job getting done with the push of a button is no less than a miracle to get in one appliance. Performance-wise, you are assured that you are getting a great product, and it is Bissell, so that assurance becomes even more solid. 

Deep cleaning is definitely assured, and its portability enhances that aspect since it adds to the flexibility. For most parts, it will eliminate the growth of bacteria and mold in the surfaces you clean. The hands-free feature is a benefit above all of these so that anyone in the house can use it.

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