Bissell Turboclean 2085 Powerbrush Upright Carpet Cleaner – Quick, Lightweight and Easy to Clean!

Bissell Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Carpet Cleaner

No doubt, most of us are pet lovers and would like to have one at home. Pets are always loving and adorable ones, but the major concern that comes to our mind is the risk of cleaning the pet messes and pet litters. The sole concern of removing the deeply trapped pet hairs and debris from the floors and carpets makes us reluctant to have pets at home. Now you do not have to step back from having pets at your home as cleaning all the pet messes is much easier than before with Bissell turboclean power brush carpet cleaning machine. So what are you waiting for refer Bissell 2085 Turboclean Carpet Cleaner Review & buying Guide,a and buy it for your home.

Bissell 2085 Turboclean Carpet Cleaner Review 2023

BISSELL Turboclean Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine is one of the best carpet cleaners in the market. This Bissell carpet cleaner is specially designed for cleaning up pet stains without any hassle. It’s powerful turbo cleaning technology not only helps to clean pet stains but also very convenient for cleaning a coffee stain, wine, blood, pets track, juice stain, etc. It is super easy to assemble and use this best pet carpet cleaner. The main feature of this Bissell pet cleaner is its four-row rotating dirt lifter power brush, it is very helpful for uplifting the hard dirt.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to remove pet stains
  • Four-row rotating dirt lifter
  • Collapsible handle
  • Two tank system
  • Oxy action technology
  • Long power cord

1. Lightweight

This BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush is one of the best lightweight carpet cleaners available in the market. The lightweight design is very helpful for easy and hassle-free transport. The 12lb of weight can easily maneuver. Thus the Bissell cleaner can ensure a complete struggle free cleaning experience. You do not have to strain your muscles as this lightweight carpet cleaner makes it much comfortable for you to clean the pet litters from the carpets and floors without hassle. You do not have to bother carrying a heavy machine when you have to clean the stairs.

2. Easy to remove pet stains

All the pet stains, pet hairs, and other deeply trapped will be easily cleaned by the BISSELL turboclean powerbrush carpet cleaner. The powerful brushes of the Best Bissell Upright Carpet Vacuum Cleaner erase away all the dirt from the floor in a matter of seconds. Also, the strong suction lifts away all the trapped pet hairs from the carpet, floors, and other areas.

3. Four-row rotating dirt lifter

The four-row rotating dirt lifter is one of the powerful and advanced dirt lifting technologies. It is capable of carrying heavy and sticky dirt and debris, even without any hassle. The powerful scrubbing technology will help you to grab a tiny dust particle and can provide a deep clean interior. For cleaning the furniture areas and baseboards, the Bissell Turboclean 2085 Carpet Cleaner consists of edge sweep bristles for better cleaning.

4. Collapsible handle

The Bissell’s collapsible handle is very helpful to save much more storage space. Also, you can easily fit into your vehicles’ boot very easily. So storage and transportation is not an issue with this Bissell turboclean powerbrush pet carpet cleaner.

5. Two tank system

The two-tank system keeps both dirt water and clean water separate. So we can easily carry and separate the tank. As there are different tanks for storing dirt water and clean water, there is no chance of dirty water getting mixed with clean water while cleaning. The only minus point is the small tank size. So you have to refill the tank quite often while cleaning.

6. Oxy Action technology

From may customer statements accoding Bissell 2085 Turboclean Carpet Cleaner Review, its deep clean and Oxy formula ensures that the floors and carpets are well cleaned. You do not have to worry about the pet stains and odors any more as the Oxy action technology removes away the stains and pet odors from the floors and carpets much efficiently. You can use the oxy clean solution with a urine eliminator as well to clean the pet urines and get rid of the urine smells.

7. Long power cord

The power cord of the BISSELL Turboclean Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine is long enough with a length of 20 feet. This long power cord length offers you an extended reach while cleaning larger areas. So you do not have to unplug and plug into another power socket frequently while cleaning larger rooms.



  • Manufacturer : Bissell
  • Product Model Number : 2085
  • Product Dimensions : 17.3 x 9.8 x 45 in
  • Product Weight : 16 lb.
  • Type : Upright vacuum cleaner
  • Colour : Black and green
  • Clean Tank Capacity : .5 gallon
  • Power Cord Length : 20 feet
  • Surface Type : Carpet & Area Rugs



To clean a Bissell 2085 Turboclean Carpet Cleaner Powerbrush pet, remove the collection tank by pulling up and out on the latches on both sides of the tank. Carefully remove the tank. Rinse the tank with clean water. Now remove the tank vent and foam filter from the top of the tank and rinse both. Also, unhook the nozzle to remove it and rinse thoroughly, removing any debris from the red gasket on the base of the unit. Then firmly reassemble the cleaned parts.


Bissell 2085 Turboclean Carpet Cleaner does help to remove pet dander.


The Bissell turboclean powerbrush pet carpet cleaner is very convenient to use being light and consisting of comfortable handles to deal with. The Bissell Upright Carpet Cleaner For Carpet incorporate plenty of features, which makes the cleaning very perfect. The 4-row rotating dirt lifter, Oxy stain removal technology, powerful suction, lightweight design, and collapsible handle are all the best among its features, which makes the Bissell upright turbo clean carpet cleaner the best carpet cleaner for home. This best carpet shampooer is smaller and compact than other models and hence very easy to use and transport. So you do not have to rethink again while you have this best Bissell turboclean power brush carpet cleaner with you Hope you find this Bissell 2085 Turboclean Carpet Cleaner Review helpful.

BISSELL 2085 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine image

The best choice for a pet carpet cleaner for home is surely the Bissell turbo clean power brush carpet cleaning machine. The Bissell carpet shampooer is reliable and efficient and surprisingly powerful cleaning equipment that can satisfy you to the core. You do not have to be concerned about the tedious task of cleaning the pet hairs, messes as well as odors as the Bissell turbo clean power brush carpet cleaner takes of care of it.


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