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Bissell 17N4P Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell deep clean pet carpet cleaner 17N4 is to deal with some particular challenges related to carpet cleaning. Bissell deep clean carpet vacuum cleaner is built to remove the pet hair and messes. It is featured with a unique compartment for collecting the hair to prevent the system from clogging. This Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner is included with a large tank with a capacity of 1.25 gallons for holding a cleaning solution and water. Like other models, it does not have different tanks for the clean water and the dirty water that is gathered while cleaning the carpet. Instead, the clean water is stored in the pouch that contracts when the solution and clean water is being used. In the cleaning process, the dirty water is gathered around the pouch, so it remains away from the freshwater.

Bissell 17N4P Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner Review 2020

Bissell deep clean premier 17N4P is designed with 12 rows of staggered double power brushes to make the stubborn stains lose. This Bissell 17N4P carpet cleaner is mixed up with a suction feature to extract water from every side of the device instead of only from the front end. In this Bissell 17N4P Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner Review, we have an in-depth description of the machine that will make you understand how to remove messes and put back the carpet in shining and fresh condition.

Bissell Pet 17N4P Features

This Bissell Deepclean Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner is included with the technology of heatwave. It has the capacity of constantly maintaining the hot water in the tank because cold water is not that effective in removing the bacteria and allergens. Hot water helps in removing harmful toxins to the full extent. It is especially suitable for people suffering from chronic allergies and respiratory health issues.

Bissell handheld carpet cleaner is also perfect for extracting water. It has a powerful suction that squeezes up the liquids and leaves your carpet dry, where you do not require waiting for a long duration for the carpet to get dry. Along with this, it also features a surround suction that helps in cleaning effectively. This Bissell Deepclean Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner sucks the water from every side of the unit instead of dragging the water from the front side.

As mentioned in Best Carpet Cleaner Review, this Bissell Carpet cleaner is capable of holding a large tank with a capacity of 1.25 gallons of solution and water. Thus, there will be a longer gap for refilling the new and freshwater, but still, after every usage, you have to change the tank’s water. Like the other models, it does not have separate tanks for clean water and for dirty water that is pulled out while cleaning the carpet. Instead, this Biseel Carpet cleaner stores the freshwater inside the pouch, and it contacts as you use up the water. In contrast, the accumulated dirty water settles around the pouch, thus making the clean and dirty water separate. Even though the whole process takes place in one tank, the amazing design of this cleaner keeps them efficiently separate.

 In general, pet hair can damage the cleaner’s interior parts, but this is not an issue with Bissell pet carpet cleaner because it is included with the collection basket, which holds the pet hair. These hairs are collected in the basket instead of making them into clumps and again falling on the floor.

 Another special feature of this Bissell Deepclean Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner is its rotating powerful dual brushes. It is included with 12 rows of rotating power brushes, which means you will have sufficient power to remove the stubborn stains that were jammed in the carpet for a long time. These brushes continuously rotate while operating, even in a reverse direction. When these dual powerful rotating brushes are mixed with the solution, all the stains are removed and collected in the tank.

This is the best Bissell pet carpet cleaner as it is built with superior quality materials. Its sturdy design makes it withstand for a long time, and it even does not wobble from side to side. The Bissell 17N4 pet carpet cleaner is provided with many advanced accessories. It is included with a stain trapper pet tool of good quality along with a detachable container for holding the debris before they go into the machine. Other accessories are deep areas reachable tools, 3” hard stain brush, aura strength nozzle, tougher, and 3 cleaning solutions for trials.

The Bissell deep clean premier 17n4p is just 2 feet height, so it can be placed easily even in small areas and below the tables. The whole unit can be easily separated, which helps in convenient and intuitive maintenance. It has a 22 feet powerful cord that means very soon you can clean a large area of square feet without altering the power outlets.

This Bissell Deepclean Pet Carpet Cleaner 174P not only removes the pet hair and stains but also is capable of taking out mud, leaves, dust, dirt, and many other substances from a carpet, finally making it look clean and fresh. Besides, the hot water from the machine helps to decrease the fleas and dust mites. This Bissell Deepclean Carpet Vacuum Cleaner offers great Maneuverability with its non-stop rotating brushes and the big back wheels. It is also included with EdgeSweep brushes that clean the baseboard surroundings and furniture without scratching and damaging the surface floor. Thus the customers don’t require monitoring and controlling every move continuously and precisely.

Bissell Deepclean Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4P Specs

Specification Name Value
Bissell homecare
Product Name
Carpet cleaner
Item weight
28 pounds
Capacity of water tank
1.25 gallons
Product dimensions
19.5 * 13 * 45
Availability of hair basket
Part number
Number of rotating brushes
Assembly required
Batteries required
Included accessories
Durastrength tool, collection basket, stair tool of 6”, strain trapper, 3 trail solutions.
3 years
Shipping weight
34.2 pounds
Release date
May 6, 2014





How much does a Bissell 17N4P Professional Carpet Cleaner cost?

Bissell 17N4P Professional Carpet Cleaner costs around $300.

What is the voltage of Bissell 17N4P Professional Carpet Cleaner? Is it 110v or 220 or both?

Bissell 17N4P Professional Carpet Cleaner has a voltage of 110V.

Does the dirty water go into a separate tank of Bissell 17N4P Professional Carpet Cleaner?

 The dirty water goes into a separate tank of Bissell 17N4P Professional Carpet Cleaner.

Does this unit leave the carpets wet?

Yes, not wet, but damp that takes a few hours to dry.

Does this machine work properly on the stone floor?

It will operate well on the stone if the floor is not uneven or rough.

Bottom Line

Bissell Deepclean premier 17N4P carpet cleaner is the best all-in-one appliance that helps in cleaning the floor and carpet without much pressure. It is built with high-end technology and superior-quality materials that not only make life simpler and easier but also give an easy solution for cleanliness. The Bissell 17N4P Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner Review says that without any doubt, this cleaner is a very profitable machine. Its great and practical features make it well suitable for pet lovers. It is a good choice with wonderful cleaning function, convenient, easy use, high-durability, and best value-added for money.

Bissell 17N4P professional carpet cleaner– deep clean premier- designed with high-quality materials- removes stubborn stains- 12 rows rotating powerful brushes- big water tank- versatile- durable- easy usage- suitable more for pet owners- surround suction- EdgeSweep technology- multiple accessories- heatwave technology- great water extraction- collection basket- easy to store- maneuverability- 3 years warranty.

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