Bissell 1400B Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner – Little One but Powerful enough for Tough Spots!


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Bissell Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Bissell 1400B little green is a deep cleaning and compact machine that provides great and perfect clean-up of any size. It is perfect for stains and spills, and efficiently cleans and dries any place in time. Bissell’s little green multi-purpose carpet cleaner is quiet and lightweight and uses less water. It gets its job done. Make sure to refer Bissell 1400b Little Green Capet Cleaner Review, before buy the Best Portable Carpet Cleaner.

Bissell 1400b Little Green Capet Cleaner Review 2020

What is so green in this Upholstery Cleaner Machine? The resources used to build it!  The Bissell 1400b multi-purpose portable carpet cleaner is built with at least 50 percent recycled plastic, and it entails PVC-free tanks. It will work more effectively as it uses less than a bigger upright vacuum cleaner. Bissell little green carpet cleaner is environmentally friendly: phosphate-free, dye-free, and it does not have any heavy materials. It is packed with a 48-ounce capacity tank, 4-ft length hose, and tough-stain brush tool. Weight of Bissell compact deep cleaner is 9.6 pounds that are lightweight and easy to move around the home. 

Bissell Compact Deep Cleaner features

The very initial feature that is frequently addressed in Bissell 1400b Little Green Capet Cleaner Review is the truth that this carpet cleaner machine is equipped with powerful suction action and dual spray. You will observe that it is cleaned in a very shorter period. It is since it is not necessary to spray and arid the carpet separately. Instead, this Upholstery cleaner can perform both the things simultaneously; therefore, free-up your time. With the powerful suction, it lifts deep-down spots, dirt, and stains quickly and effectively.

Another important thing that more of Bissell 1400B little green carpet cleaner reviews are speaking about is its compact size. Searching for a compact device can be terrifying, but the Bissell carpet cleaner is one such option. The small size of Bissell 1400b Carpet cleaner machine seems a bit frightening, but it is a powerful machine despite its size. It is easy to store in cabinets because of its small size.

The most wonderful feature of Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleanert is that most of its material has been made of recycled plastic. So, it is assured that when you purchase, you are obtaining some product which is not harmful to the environment in any manner. But there is one problem with this Bissell Compact Deep Cleaner that is, as it is built with recycled materials. It won’t be that durable like other products, so handle with care to avoid it from smashing.

Bissell portable carpet cleaner is given with a multi-purpose brush. The key advantage of brush can be utilized for both large-scale and small-scale clean-ups. Thus cleaning has become easy and simple for you with this multi-purpose cleaning tool. The tough stain attachment of 3-inches helps you to clean the difficult-to-reach places. With this machine, you can clean stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, area rugs, carpets, and more.

Bissell 1400b Carpet Cleaner is constructed with a minimum of 50 percent recycled plastic. It has a big water tank with a capacity of 48-oz and a cord length of 19-feet to reach a longer distance. The power cord of 15-feet long will avoid the need for plugging the device in different locations. You can easily and conveniently move it around by holding its handle. It is included with a tough stain tool of 3-inches and has 9.5 lbs weight.

This Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Carpet Cleaner has 3-amp strong suction power that can swiftly clean and arid any surface. Only in a single step it sprays strong and sucks the hardest and toughest stains. With its big water tank capacity, it is possible to clean extended areas without the requirement of refilling. As the Bissell Upholstery Cleaner Machine is highly portable and lightweight design, which makes it a benefit for tight-area cleaning.

Bissell 1400b Upholstery Cleaner Machine SPecs

Specification Name Value
Manufacturer name
Product name
Carpet cleaner
Product weight
9.65 lbs
Cord length
Tank capacity
Suction power
Length of a tough stain tool
Surface type
Upholstery, stairs, auto, and carpet
Power source
Hose length
Carry handle
1 year
Shipping weight
12.3 pounds
Release date
July 19, 2006





How do I clean my Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner?

The Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner compartments are very easy to remove and clean all dirt & water. You can use a scrubber to remove dirt then remove all water and dirt, including spraying water.

How do you use a Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner?

Follow steps to use Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner:

  1. Remove the tank by unscrewing the Bissell black cap. Fill up to the formula line with 2X Little Green Formula
  2. Add hot water to the tank till it reaches the water-labeled line.
  3. Replace the cap and restore the tank.
  4. Remove the hose and attach the required cleaning tool to the spray trigger. Press the tool firmly onto the spray trigger.
  5. Turn on the water heater switch & wait for the light to come on, which indicates that the water has reached the appropriate temperature.
  6. Press the spray trigger for approx 5-10 sec to enable the heated water to flow through the machine. Hold the trigger once the spray starts to release it.
How long does it take for carpet to dry after using Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner?

Carpets dry faster in less than one day when cleaned with Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner.

How can I clean the suction brush head of Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner?

Detach the brush head from the Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner hose & clean it by running hot water throughout. Otherwise, soak it in a warm water bath if required. Suppose if the hair is stuck inside the plastic portion, you can use an unbent paper clip to remove it.

How many watts does Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner pull?

 Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner pulls around l000 watts.

Can this Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner be used as an upright cleaner?

No, Bissell Little Green Carpet Cleaner cannot be used as upright; this device is mainly designed for cleaning
upholstery and spot.

Does this machine contain separate tanks for dirty and clean water?

The hot water and solution are stored in one tank, whereas dirty water enters into some other tank.

Does Bissell 1400B Little Green Carpet Cleaner work properly on the stairs?

Yes, Bissell Little Green Carpet Cleaner works perfectly well on the stairs.

Bottom Line

Bissell little green carpet cleaner can perfectly tackle many cleanup tasks, either big or small. It can handle and completely removes permanent stains and spots from upholstery and carpet. Just with a single click of a button, this machine permits you to suction and spray the upholstery and carpet for deep cleaning results. It is compact and not so expensive and performs an impressive job in cleaning tiny carpet stains. Overall, it works well in the way you expect, a lightweight, affordable alternative to the one who cannot deal with the big, upright carpet cleaner machine.

Bissell 1400B multi-purpose Upholstery carpet cleaner- portable- numerous clean surfaces like stairs, carpet, upholstery, auto-interiors, etc.- maneuverability- easy to store and use- compact- 3-inches touch stain attachment to clean difficult-to-reach places- powerful suction- easy to drain and fill water tanks- eco-friendly made of minimum 50 percent recycled plastic- big water tank.

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